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Practice Areas

Estate Planning

You have worked hard for what you have achieved and you should be able to decide what happens when the time comes.

Whether you need a new Will, Power of Attorney, Living Will, or if you are looking to protect your assets from future liabilities and taxes, our experienced Attorneys and Staff will help you through the process to give you the confidence that what you want to happen, will happen.

Estate Administration

It is never easy when a relative. friend, or neighbor passes on and there is a need for someone to assist in settling an estate.

For years, we have been helping the personal representative of an estate in the settlement of the estate. Whether you are handling a farm, business, stocks, or properties, we have seen it all and are happy to assist you through your difficult time. 

Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

If you are purchasing a property, refinancing, gifting, selling or passing property through a Will or otherwise, we have you covered.  We have also handled numerous types of litigation involving real estate including trespassing, deed restrictions, and zoning regulations being violated.

We have represented many property owners in various types of problems with real estate, including litigation.

Stressed Man


Dealing with financial uncertainty is never easy but with an experienced attorney at your side you can be confident that your interests are protected. Our firm has decades of experience with Chapters 7 and 13. 

Criminal Defense

Everyone deserves the right to be defended in a Court of law. But you deserve someone with the experience to fight for your rights and ensure that your future is protected.


Unemployment Compensation Appeals

Whether you are an employee or employer the waters of unemployment compensation are difficult to navigate alone. Whether you have been unjustly denied or a former employee is trying to acquire benefits they aren't entitled to we have the experience to make a difference.

We have experience representing both employers and employees, so we know how both sides think. Let us use our knowledge to help you get the result you deserve.

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